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Somalia – A Country In Process

By Dae Eriksson

Mogadishu, Somalia. For the next five weeks I’ll be staying in Somalia and reporting on various stories and topics of a country that is in a major process of change and growth. It’s undeniable that there are challenges of security, draught, environmental issues, political instability and an upcoming election, but in the midst of all that, there is huge growth. Construction is booming, apartment and office buildings and restaurants are popping up all over town, young people are taking an interest in environmental issues, and there is enormous potential for new business in many industries.

I have been coming to Somalia since 2014, when I started working here in a humanitarian context. The changes I have seen in almost a decade have been extensive, but especially now, it feels as though the country is on the verge of much more significant change. This time I am back for an independent trip, doing some consulting for a local business and an NGO, while also reporting on various stories of interest.

It’s only been a few days and my mind is already bursting with new information and ideas. Somalia has changed significantly in the last 15 years, and while there are still many challenges each day, and moving around the city still requires extensive caution, including security plans, I believe it is headed in the right direction. I’ll be reporting what I learn about business growth and infrastructure, energy, climate, education, real estate development, the marine industry, the humanitarian context, and ideas for new economic growth. Already I can tell you this: Somalia is open for business and changing rapidly. I’m excited to be a witness during this time.

For more imagery and updates, feel free to connect with me on instagram as well.

The views expressed in the article are solely the opinion of the writer. The veracity of any claims made are the responsibility of the author not Jamhuriyadda. 


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