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Iraqi British Man Reaches Destination in Walk to Mecca from UK

By Daily Sabah

Adam Muhammed, a 53-year-old Iraqi British electrical engineer who has been living in England for about 25 years, set out to go to the Kaaba after a dream he had in August last year. Turkish daily Yeni Şafak reported that Muhammed, who passed through 11 countries in 11 months, accomplished his goal of walking all the way from the United Kingdom to Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Adam Muhammed, who lives in England with his wife and two children, set off from Wolverhampton on Aug. 1 last year and passed through Turkey during January this year. He covered a distance of 6,500 kilometers (4,038.91 miles) to reach Mecca before the hajj pilgrimage starts on July 7.

According to news18.com, following the pandemic, he started questioning many things in life and dived deep into the Quran to find answers, and the decision for the journey was a result of his soul searching. Muhammad was overwhelmed with all the love that people showed him on the way through the numerous countries he walked through. He broadcast parts of his journey on TikTok, gaining half a million followers.

The electrical engineer dreamed one night that he was walking from England to Mecca. Deeply affected by his vivid dream, Muhammad set out to go to Islam’s most holiest site on foot.

Muhammed, who had been on his journey for a long time with the three-wheeled cart that he designed, spends the night in the bed part of his custom-built vehicle. He was befriended by a dog during his journey through Serbia and continued on his way with his animal friend.

Muhammed explained his motivations to undertake the journey: “When I woke up from sleep, my inner voice told me to walk to Mecca and remind people of the value of the Quran, that we are all brothers and that we should live in unity and solidarity.

“Even if you have a different faith than Islam, this does not prevent us from living in brotherhood. I felt that I had to tell people that there are good people in every religion and remind people of Allah.

“I continued the journey, which at first seemed impossible, thanks to the strong feeling inside me.”

In his walk, which he called the “Peace Journey,” Muhammed passed through 11 countries in 11 months and reached the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia with his three-wheeled mobile cart.

The views expressed in the article are solely the opinion of the writer. The veracity of any claims made are the responsibility of the author not Wargeyska Jamhuriyadda. The article was originally published on Daily Sabah Website.


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